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Apuntes Flamencos 3

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Apuntes Flamencos Volume 3

A great Flamenco repertoire including falsetas, rhythms and primary chords that are usual in the main flamenco styles in accompanying the cante (singing) and baile (dancing). Useful to every guitarist who needs a varied repertoire or simply improvement.

Book Content


10 basic advices to the flamenco guitarist


Arpegio study

Rasgueos study

Pulgar study

Alzapúa study

Picado study

Arpegio and Picado study

Arpegio study

Ligados and fast changes study

Trémolo study

A M study


Ritmos calés -Garrotín-

Ecos de Ronda -Malagueña-

Volantes -Sevillanas -

Aroschi Calé - Tangos-

Bella judía -Petenera-

Barrio moro - Danza-

Quejío minero - Taranto-

Recortes - Cantiñas-

El candil - Minera-

Por los caminos -Calesera-

A4 Format

CD themes at normal speed and low speed

104 pages

Tablature and standard notation

Spanish, English, French, Japanes