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Original Guitar BackAxe

The original guitar BackAxe. Carry your instrument with all the convenience of a back pack using this great guitar accessory. The BackAxe adjusts to fit any shape or sized guitar case, acoustic or electric, square or contoured. You'll even find the BackAxe capable of handling a banjo, electric bass or other similarly sized guitar case, it's really that flexible.

The real benefit of the BackAxe is that it allows you to carry your instrument whilst fully protected in its own hard-shell case. It gives you the comfort and convenience of a backpack and allows you to go further, as the weight of the guitar is spread evenly.

To fit, once adjusted you simply need to flip the BackAxe over your case and close the 2 side-release buckles to secure. Once you own this great accessory you'll find that you start using it any time you have to carry your guitar anywhere.


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