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Camps Primera Negra Electro Flamenco

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Camps Model Primera Negra Flamenco Guitar LR Baggs System

Top: Solid Spruce

Back & Sides: Solid Indian Rosewood

Fingerboard: Ebony

Neck: Cedar

Varnish: Glossy Polished

The Camps guitar PRIMERA E from Hermanos Camps is a professional electro-acoustic flamenco guitar that is punchy and fast responding. This model corresponds to the Primera Flamenco model certified by Manuel Granados and has additionally been amplified with L.R.BAGGS electronics, which deliver studio-quality tone whilst faithfully maintaining the natural sound of the instrument. Acclaimed flamenco performer and pedagogue Manuel Granados works in collaboration with Brothers Jordi and Javier Camps to produce this superb model. He tests and certifies each instrument to ensure it meets his exacting standards before he allows it to leave the workshop. The PRIMERA E has an incredibly comfortable, low and easy setup and unwavering attention has been paid to the immaculate "fit-and finish". Of course, tone quality and balance are the ultimate concern of the luthiers at Guitarres Camps, and they are justifiably proud of these handmade flamenco guitars, which produce a quintessentially open and vibrant Spanish sound. With solid spruce top and solid cypress back and sides. The Camps Primera E is superb value for money.

Here is a recent independent review of the Primera Blanca, the Primera Negra, and the Primera A.

"The first thing I noticed is that they feel like flamenco guitars, in that they’re really light and if you look you can even see that the top is pretty thin. The workmanship is excellent and the guitars kind of look expensive and definitely well-made. There’s nothing ‘factory’ about these. But of course playing the guitars is what matters, and I’m not sure if I was more impressed by how they feel or how they sound.

All three of these guitars have that perfectly set up feeling, so that even without a capo there was nothing difficult about playing them, and in fact I found them easier to play than a lot of other more expensive guitars I’ve played (and one I own…). I was happy that these guitars had the right amount of resistance for the right hand without feeling in any way hard for the left. Scale length is 650mm and width at the nut is 52mm on all three models.

And then there’s the sound. When you play a rasgueado you want that sound to shoot out fast and to pack some punch, and all of these guitars have that sound in spades, without sounding all buzzy when you’re playing single notes, arpeggios, etc… You could play classical on these guitars, but I don’t know that you’d want to – these are straight up flamenco guitars that do exactly what they’re supposed to do. That said, the negra does have a little extra roundness and sustain without in any way losing its growl when you push it in the right way. If you want a guitar to play both flamenco and classical on I’d choose this one, but you’re going to want to play flamenco on it (just saying).

I’m really amazed at just how good these guitars are, and for the money I can’t even imagine a better flamenco guitar. I honestly hesitate to call these ‘budget’ or ‘student’ guitars, and if I needed a guitar for a gig or a concert I would be perfectly happy to play any one of these three guitars."

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