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Cejilla Flamenca(Capo) Handmade Rosewood

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Cejilla Flamenca(Capo) Handmade Rosewood

A traditional, handmade, rosewood cejilla crafted in gorgeous rosewood and genuine leather!

Flamenco guitarists use an accessory called a cejilla in order to raise the pitch of their instrument as this enhances the brightness of the tone. Originally this device was used to enable the musician to match the pitch of the singers but today most performers use a cejilla whether they are accompanying singers or not. This accessory is a capo which is a movable device that fixes across the strings.

An authentic Flamenco piece, this cejilla offers superb grip and adds a touch of panache and authenticity to your playing. Made in Europe, each cejilla is hand-crafted from natural materials and so is completely unique. The soft leather strap protects your guitar and this cejilla will be an absolute pleasure to use!

  • Hand crafted
  • Rosewood and genuine leather
  • Authentic piece
  • Made in Europe
  • Enhances the brightness of your tone

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