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DAddario Pro Arte Lightly Polished Composite Normal Tension EJ45LP

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D'Addario Pro Arte Lightly Polished Composite Normal Tension EJ45LP

Silver Plated Wrap, Composite Core, Clear Nylon Trebles

Pro-Arte Composites are constructed using an excusive multifilament stranded core material which dramtically improves the life and tuning consistency of the wound strings. Like all ProArte strings, the trebles are sorted by a sophisticated computer-controlled laser machine which performs diameter/tension measurements and quality checks to insure precise intonation. Composite sets feature an additional high-projection Composite 3rd string, which provides more tonal flexibility and balanced volume transition between the basses and trebles. Lightly Polished strings greatly reduce finger noise, making them ideal for recording.

EJ45LP "lightly polished," normal tension, is D'Addario's best-selling "lightly polished" set, preferred for its balance of rich tone and smooth feel. Includes Alternate Composite 3rd String for increased projection.