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Flamenco Dance Training DVD's

Whether you are a complete beginner to Flamenco dancing or wish to brush up your skills with extra practice, our Flamenco dance training DVD's will help you immensely. We are delighted to bring you the complete El Baile Flamenco series which features 15 DVD's covering Flamenco structures and styles. Each volume offers useful explanations and tips and has been designed and produced by experienced professionals who are also skilled teachers.

You will see artists performing the dance, the movements of the dance and the positioning of the feet as part of the Flamenco Dance training. The narration, which can be played in four different languages, offers expert instruction and advice and the accompanying CD acclimatises the student to the tempo and rhythm of the dance. El Baile Flamenco DVD's are the perfect way to improve your understanding of the art and the level of your performance.

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