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Womens Flamenco Clothing

Women's Flamenco Clothing

As Flamenco specialists we stock a great selection of women’s Flamenco clothing here at El Mundo Flamenco. We endeavour to keep stocked up with beautiful and genuine Spanish items that are essential to an authentic Flamenco performance. Find everything from Flamenco shawls and mantillas to Flamenco skirts and tops as well as other beautifully crafted items.

The importance of women’s Flamenco clothing cannot be underestimated in the Flamenco performance. Each piece is designed to highlight and accentuate the dancer’s movement during the Baile. You will notice that our ladies Flamenco clothing is available in a number of different styles, from more modest designs to beautifully decorative ones. In keeping with the traditions of Flamenco you will find that the majority of our garments feature the instantly recognisable and closely associated colours of red and black.

As the women’s Flamenco clothing that we stock has been designed in Spain especially for Flamenco and Spanish folk dance performance, you will find that each piece features aspects specifically designed to benefit the dancer’s performance. An example of this is our Flamenco skirts that embody a number of volantes, or layered ruffles, to bounce and flow with the rhythm of the dancer.

Please feel free to browse our beautiful selection of genuine Spanish Flamenco clothing. You get in contact with us if you have any questions either online, by email or by popping into our offline store.

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