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Flamenco Music For Guitar With CD

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"Flamenco Music for Guitar" by Allan Alexander presents Flamenco pieces that you will want to play repeatedly. It is Allan's hope that when you reach the end of a piece you will say to yourself, I want to play this just one more time. This is what good music is about. Allan has included the classics of Flamenco such as the Soleares, the Alegrias and the Bulerias to name three. He has also included a beautiful Danza Mora and two wonderful traditional Spanish dances titled Zorongo and El Vito.The pieces in this book are written with an intermediate player in mind. This is music you will be able to play, but do not for a moment think the music has been compromised. These are addictive pieces you can use for concerts or for any type of function. You can also play them at home which is one of Allan's favorite places to play. Although this book does provide some valuable information to the player, it is not a Flamenco method. There are many very good method books available. This is a book of pieces that you can use to start, or add to, your Flamenco repertoire. Allan's focus is on the melodic aspect of the music, with only judicious use of the rasgueado. The accompanying CD is a high quality digital recording of all of the pieces in the same order in which they appear in the book. Hearing the pieces played is the best introduction to them, it's how Allan learned.

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