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Gitano Guitar Rest

An excellent alternative (or addition) to a footstool offering less stress on the lower back by helping to maintain a good solid playing position. Compact and portable, the Gitano attaches to the base of the instrument with two suction cups. The design features a hinge which allows the support to collapse when not in use. Leave it on your instrument or store it in your case.

Some advantages of the guitar support:

  • It need never be removed (three suction-cups affix it to the side of the guitar)
  • Low-weight and flexible.
  • Will fit in-situ into most cases.
  • Perfectly ergonomic.
  • Low-price and practical.
  • It may be flexed it if you want to change the position

NB. As with all suction cup devices some finishes such as French polish are unsuitable in providing good surface for suction.

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