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Hannabach Custom-Made Set 728MT Medium Tension

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Hannabach Custom-Made Set 728MT Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings

Hannabach Custom-Made strings are designed for the high-end professional looking for articulate, responsive and dynamic strings. Custom-Made series basses are made from hard, silver-plated wire wrapped around synthetic fibre core which is outstandingly strong, paired with Hannabach precision-wound nylon trebles.

Custom-Made basses are nickel and cadmium free. Environmentally friendly packaging only uses one paper sleeve.

Instrument: 4/4 Size Classical Guitar

Tension: Medium Tension

Trebles: Carbon

Basses: Silver-plated copper

Tie-On / Ball End: Tie-on

Construction: Roundwound

Coated / Non-Coated: Non-Coated