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Hannabach Goldin Set 725MHT

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Hannabach Goldin 725MHT Classical Guitar Strings Medium High Tension

Hannabach Super Carbon Trebles / Goldin Basses.

The trebles (e, b, g) are made of a golden yellow Super Carbon fiber. They sound softer and warmer than conventional carbon strings. The basses (DAE) are characterized by a novel, high-density and highly resistant synthetic core. The Goldin windings are made of a newly developed golden yellow metal alloy (100% nickel and cadmium-free). The basses sound clearly and brilliantly.

Gauge Table

7251MHTC E/1st .0240 17.64 Super-Carbon

7252MHTC B/2nd .0280 14.99 Super-Carbon

7253MHTC G/3rd .0339 14.99 Super-Carbon

7254MHTC D/4th .0291 17.64 Goldin wound

7255MHTC A/5th .0354 17.20 Goldin wound

7256MHTC E/6th .0433 16.53 Goldin wound

Instrument 4/4 Size Classical Guitar

Tension Medium-High

Trebles Super-Carbon

Basses Goldin

Gauges TBC

Tie-On / Ball End Tie-on

Construction Roundwound

Coated / Non-Coated Non-Coated

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