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Hannabach PSP Set 850 Medium Tension

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Hannabach PSP Set 850 Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings

Hannabach Precision Smooth Polish 850MT - Medium Tension Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set

Clear trebles with a set of 3 bass strings (D, A, E) silverplated copper on multifilament nylon core, polished to a smooth surface.

Note: The technique of polishing takes away the silver plating slightly exposing the copper wire. As a result, the color may vary from silver to brown to gray.

Hannabach 850MT PSP Tensions:


E-1: 7,0kg/15.43lbs;

H/B-2: 6,0kg/13.23lbs;

G-3: 6,5kg/14.33lbs;


D-4: 7,3kg/16.09bs;

A-5: 7,1kg/15.65lbs;

E-6: 7,5kg/16.53lbs;

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