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Hannabach Silver Special Set 815SHT Super High Tension

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Hannabach Silver Special 815SHT Super High Tension Guitar Strings

Hannabach 815 is THE multi-purpose string that works great on almost any instrument, for every guitar player, in any style. It is suitable for all musician who pushes the limits of phonetic individuality of their instrument. It offers pristine sound quality and fulfils professional demands for playability, intonation and tuning stability requirements.

Precision-ground (100% uniform round without irregularities or deviations) and higher silver-plated and against corrosion coated bass strings.

Complete, bass or treble sets are available as well as individual strings.

Made for instruments with a scale length of 65cm/25.5".

Trebles: Nylon precision-round, plain

Basses: Silver-Special coated, wound

Item #// Note// Gauge (in.)// Tension (lbs.)// Material

8151SHT// E/1st// .0295// 17.64// precision round nylon

8152SHT// B/2nd// .0335// 14.33// precision round nylon

8153SHT// G/3rd// .0413// 15.21// precision round nylon

8154SHT// D/4th// .0311// 17.64// silver-special

8155SHT// A/5th// .0378// 17.64// silver-special

8156SHT// E/6th// .0461// 17.64// silver-special