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K & M Memphis Pro Deluxe Guitar Stand

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Memphis Pro Deluxe Guitar Stand(Konig & Meyer) Black

The K&M 17670 Memphis Pro Guitar Stand is a guitar stand, featuring a telescopic neck, rubber padding, a 550-1000mm adjustable height, and comes in black. This is a folding stand for all guitars. The 17670 features a patented flexible hooking-in and clamping system which quickly and firmly grasps the guitar neck. Fits most instrument necks and comes with studs at the support arms provide extra protection. This stand also comes with height adjustment with convenient locking levers. Anti-twist feature on the extension rod for extra safety. High quality non-marring rubber on the stand's neck grip and base helps to protect the instrument. This stand is finished with a stable robust base.

The main features of the K&M 17670 Memphis Pro Guitar Stand include:

Adjustment: Clamp Lever

Instrument Support: Non-Marring Rubber

Material: Steel

Rod Combination: 2-Piece Folding Design

Flexible Hooking-In & Clamping System

Studs At Support Arms Provide Extra Protection

Anti-Twist Feature On The Extension Rod

Suitable For Asymmetric Guitar Necks

Suitable For: Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Yoke: Self-Locking

Height: From 550-1000 mm

Weight: 1.5 kg

Colour: Black

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