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Knobloch Actives Sterling Silver Medium Tension Carbon

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Knobloch Actives Sterling Silver Medium Tension Carbon Classical Guitar Strings

These fine Knoblock Classical Guitar Strings are Hand Made in Spain. There are many Knobloch Classical Guitar Strings options, and are available in the Knobloch Sterling Silver, Knobloch Actives Carbon, Knobloch Actives Nylon and Knobloch Actives Q.Z. Nylon.

Knobloch Actives Sterling Silver basses are exclusive strings made from the highest

quality materials. The pure silver sweetens and prolongs the sound, favouring the

delicacy and the emotive character of the guitarist's interpretation.

Knobloch Actives Sterling Silver strings offer:

An increased security and comfort due to the smooth, precise and delicate feel.

A sound with more body and greater depth which makes them especially suited for

both studio and live recordings.

An unsurpassed durability of the basses thanks to the use of sterling silver.

Sterling Silver C.X.

This set combines the potency and sweetness of the sterling silver basses with the brilliance and

projection of the C.X. trebles.e greater density of the materials used in their construction results

in a string with a thinner diameter.

They maintain precise intonation in any position and offer an exquisite, even vibrato.