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La Solea 1 Oscar Herrero

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La Solea I Book/DVD Set. (Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso IV). By Oscar Herrero. For Guitar . Intermediate-Advanced.


60 pages

Oscar Herrero after playing the solea Majestad explains the solea rhythm, and some clapping exercises are made. Then he explains the structure of basic rhythms and part of elements which the solea is made up as: el cierre, strummed measures and 7-8-9 melodies. 60-minute.

The accompanying 28-page book contains clapping exercises, the structure of the styles, a guide to notation, rasgueados, melodies, and a glossary. It also includes a guide to a piece which is made up of elements studied in this book and in the next volume, La Solea (II). The music is in notation and tablature. The text is in English, Spanish, and French.

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