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La Solea II Oscar Herrero

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La Solea II Book/DVD Set. (Guitarra Flamenca paso a paso V). By Oscar Herrero. Methods. RGB Arte Intermediate-Advanced. Book+DVD.

Text language: English, Spanish, French. 60 pages.

Oscar Herrero continues with the rest of the elements which the "solea" is made up: "la falseta", finishing of "el remate", and the call "la llamada". Typical, traditional kinds of "falsetas" and introductions are explained in detail. At the end of this episode, he plays two "soleares" the "Sendero" and the "Atril flamenco". Both pieces were made up with elements studied into the two episodes "La Solea 1" and "La Solea 2". 60-minute. The accompanying 44-page book contains patterns and exercises, including falsetas, remates, llamadas, introductions, sequences, fixed positions, and endings. The music is in notation and tablature.

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