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Manuel Granados Guitarra Flamenca DVD Vol. 1

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The Visual Method of the Flamenco Guitar is the first interactive, multi-angled method about the flamenco guitar wich offers a revision of the styles and specifics techniques for this instrument in three volumes.

By means of the 'Vision Angle' tool on the DVD player, at any moment you can choose the view wich interests you most at that point. Choose between a general view of the teacher (angle 1), focus on the left hand of the teacher (angle 2) or a focus on the right hand (angle 3) while at all time the score with the accurate timing is visible.

In this first volume we go over the theoretic fundaments (tuning, preliminary skill, placement of the instrument and musical analysis, structures and the flamencoscale) and the history of the flamenco guitar. Furthermore we make a start with the styles.


1. PLAYING POSITION three styles: ancient, classic and current, with photographical examples of the different periods.

2. INSTRUMENT’S DESCRIPTION Presentation of each of the components of the Flamenco guitar and the type of wood or woods usually used. Presentation of the different styles of Flamenco guitars that exist and their different purposes. Short history of the composition of the guitar.

3. TUNING Tuning by equal temperament and tuning based on the harmonic series

4. PRELIMINARY TECHNIQUE a). Each of the techniques detailed b). Preliminary study of each one of the techniques

5. PRIMARY STYLES: Introduction to the following styles: Soleá Siguiriyas Tientos Alegrías Bulerías For each style 5 characteristic themes or “compases” and 5 variations

6. REPERTOIRE PIECES of basic level, according to the styles described before, duration of 1 to 2 minutes

7. MUSICAL ANALYSIS a). melodico-harmonic study of the Flamenco style. The Flamenco Mode The functions of the Mode The Cadencia (rhythm) or characteristic progression b). study of the metrical structures of the styles of Soleá, Siguiriyas, Tientos, Alegrías and Bulerías