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Manuel Granados Guitarra Flamenca DVD Vol. 3

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The Visual Method for Flamenco Guitar is the first interactive and multicamera method for flamenco guitar. This method counts 3 volumes, revising the styles and the specific technique of this instrument.

Thanks to the "Vision angle" tool you will be able to choose, at any time, the most interesting shot: the master shot (angle 1), left hand shot (angle 2), right hand shot (angle 3), you'll also watch the score during the lessons.

On this third volume we end the styles study that we have began in the second volume. We also begin the study of the following styles: Granaina, Malagueña, Taranta, Rondéña and Minera.

You will find a password in the inside booklet and will have the possibility to download the scores in PDF format and you will also have the means to contact with the teacher on his blog or by e-mail.


- Soleá por Bulerias

- Farruca

- Guajira

- Serrana

- Granaína

- Fandango

- Malagueña

- Taranta

- Rondeña

- Minera