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Manuel Salado - Guitarra Flamenca - Tanguillos

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This "Flamenco Guitar" volume contains the flamenco palo: Tanguillo.

This new didactic production is dedicated to the guitar and the main objective is to bring the Flamenco closer to all professionals and amateurs. This way they should fully understand the different flamenco shades. If you are new in this, Giraldillo de la la Guitarra " Manolo Franco " will introduce you to this amazing culture, a well known and prestigious guitarist in the flamenco circle.

Each volume includes 1 DVD and 1 CD, a 5 minutes work by Manolo Franco, excercises for right hand and also for left hand.

The novelty is that you will be able to watch the scores on your screen, including real sound, but also the song's accompaniments for every volume, technical exercises for flamenco guitar, exercises with or without song and with or without guitar, etc.

Each volume includes 1 DVD and 1 CD.