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Martin, Juan - Juan Martins Guitar Method El Arte Flamenca de la Guitarra (With CD

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Juan Martin's Guitar Method: El Arte Flamenco de la Guitarra

The method conveys the exact way traditional technique is built and the purest playing style achieved. The rhythms and melodic variations (falsetas) are the very basis upon which all good professional flamencos base their style. Care is taken to show in the music the correct fingering for both hands. The accompanying CD is a recording of music contained in the book composed and performed by Juan Martin.

Juan Martin's playing of his music on the CD, along with many photographs and details in the text, vividly demonstrates the essential techniques, rhythms and toques of Flamenco. His Method also contains longer solos, daily exercises for developing tee and invaluable information about the flamenco guitar and its music. The Method has been designed for the player of any standard.