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Nail Rescue Oil Microcell 2000

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Micro cell Nail Rescue Oil


NAIL RESCUE OIL contains high-quality plant oils, vitamin A, B5, C, E & F, silica and citral. This unique combination soothes and protects the cuticles from drying out and replaces missing nail oil in the nail plate. The nails are moisturized, well maintained and retain their natural flexibility, which protects against chipping and tearing of the nail tips.


Apply on unvarnished and cleaned nails and massage in gently.

Before application of nail polishes, wash and dry hands and nails thoroughly. NAIL RESCUE OIL can be applied daily.

Medical-cosmetologically substantiated knowledge and three decades of experience contribute to Micro cell now being regarded worldwide as "the expert" for the treatment of hand and nail problems.

Too often external environmental pressures, depending on the type, duration and intensity, have a major influence on the state of our hands and nails.

Reason enough for us to insist that every Micro cell product must have a differentiated spectrum of activity so that it can adjust to the different stresst criteria with its particular active system.

Thus, each Micro cell special program becomes a targeted and guaranteed effective problem solver for you.

Nail Rescue Oil helps care for the cuticles and prevents them from drying out, thus encouraging healthy growth and having strong and beautiful nails which as we know is essential for every guitarist!

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