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NeckUp GSM Black 4" Mini

Code: AA1811
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The NeckUp Guitar 2" Mini Guitar Support attaches and works just like the standard 3" NeckUp but also fits guitars as narrow as 1 1/2" including many solid body electric guitars and basses. It has a 4" support arm which lowers the center of gravity and increases stability on thinner, heavier guitars. The 2" support strap has a greater surface tension and so works well for children playing small guitars. Also great for "travel" size guitars, mandolins, ukes, and resonator banjos. It will still fit on any size guitar and works for right or left leg position. Neck angle is adjustable from level to at least 45 degrees. Six punched holes enable the use of side mounted cable jacks. NeckUp Mini ships with three cups, two Large 2 1/2" and one Mini 1 3/4".

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