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Paco De Lucia Antologia De Falsetas Tangos 1 Inc CD

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Paco De Lucia Antologia De Falsetas Tangos 1

The new collection “Anthology of falsetas of Paco de Lucía” by styles by David Leiva, gathers the main falsetas of the maestro transcribed in music scores. This collection will covers all major styles as soleá, siguiriya, alegrías, tientos, tangos, fandangos, bulerías, tarantas, etc.

A collection where the most important variations of his professional trajectory are shown for the first time. Each style of this collection is composed of three volumes that represent the different periods of the maestro:

First period: Beginnings - Traditional Flamenco

Second period: Modern

Third Epoch: Modern - Contemporary

The transcriptions of the falsetas included in the anthology have been extracted from the concert pieces of his main solo records and from collaborations with cantaores Camarón, Pepe de Lucía, Chato de la Isla, Fosforito and Juan de la Vara.

This Tangos (1964 – 1977) book with 52 great and brilliant Tangos falsetas from the 1st period of Paco de Lucía. This style will have another two books classified in two consecutive Paco de Lucía´s periods: Modern and Contemporary.

All the falsetas audios included in the CD are taken from original recordings..