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Paco De Lucia Grandes Exitos 2 Melodic Instruments NEW IN

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Paco De Lucia Grandes Exitos 2 Melodic Instruments NEW IN

This is the second book of the series made by Simón Fernández, which collects in three volumes part of the great Paco de Lucía´s hits.

This is the first Paco de Lucia´transcription in music score adapted for Flamenco Flute and Melodic Instruments in C, Bb, Eb, and F Clef.

When transcribing a polyphonic instrument such as the guitar and adapting it to a monophonic melody, Simón Fernández synthesizes the notes that form that melody, and distinguish them from those that form the accompaniment.

In most of the themes, the melody is given by the individual notes of the guitar, but in some cases the melody´s notes are included in a chord, a tremolo or strumming of which you can decipher the sound that predominates in that performance,

In some of the themes, it has been chosen a harmonization as an accompaniment, in this way we can add a flamenco guitar that interprets the chords, a cajón, or a bass to form our flamenco quartet and thus be able to fully enjoy these themes.

Themes included in Volume 2:

Río Ancho (Rumba - Almoraima)

Plaza Alta (Soleá - Almoraima)

La Tumbona (Bulerías - Solo quiero caminar)

Canción de Amor (Canción - Zyryab)

El Pañuelo (Bulerías - Siroco)

Solo Quiero Caminar (Tangos - Solo quiero caminar)