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Paco De Lucia Siroco Libro V

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Paco De Lucia Siroco

Eight sublime creation flamenco pieces with a perfect interpretation assumes, without doubt, a before and after for flamenco guitar and music, reaching unimaginable heights of composition and performance before.

This book is made primarily for guitarists but any performer can read these scores. The eight songs are shown in standard notation and tablature with fingerings for both hands, bumps and dynamics.

The interpretation of Paco de Lucía is as important as its composition, interpretive displays a surprising mastery, highlighting some notes and stroking others with pure finesse, giving these pieces of guitar concert a new dimension never before seen

In the rumba "Caña de azúcar" is also transcribed second guitar and chords.

La Cañada (Tangos)

Mi Niño Curro (Rondeña)

La Barrosa (Alegrías)

Caña de azúcar (Rumba)

El pañuelo (Bulerías)

Callejón del muro (Minera)

Casilda (Tanguillos)

Gloria al Niño Ricardo (Soleá)

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