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Sabicas Y Mario Escuderos Flamenco Guitar Duets 1

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Sabicas Y Mario Escudero Flamenco Guitar Duets Volume 1 Including DVD

Book/DVD with the record of the best flamenco guitar duo in history, "España en dos guitarras" by Sabicas & Mario Escudero.

Because of its content and difficulty, are intended to be used in conservatories and for beginners and professional guitarists, who will have the opportunity to analyze and interpret the works of these great masters.

The two guitar voices are performed by David Leiva at normal speed and slow speed, in the screen tabs and compass are displayed.

DVD And Book Contents

Solera Gaditana (Alegrías)

Camino del monte (Tientos)

Improvisación (Trémolo)

Audio options:

- Both Guitars with Metronome

- Both Guitars

- Guitar Part 1 With Metronome

- Guitar Part 1

- Guitar Part 2 With Metronome

- Guitar Part 2

-Metronome Only