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Savarez 540R Alliance HT Classic Normal Tension

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Savarez 540R Alliance HT Classic Normal Tension Classical Guitar Strings

The 540R, 540J, 540ARJ sets are made up :

KF ALLIANCE plain composite trebles (so called carbon strings),

HT CLASSIC stabilon multifilament (specifically treated nylon) wound basses with rust protected silver plated metal.

These strings are the result of extensive research and high technologies requiring high-tech raw materials.

These 4 sets are very well balanced KF ALLIANCE trebles make up other sets: ALLIANCE/CORUM sets (cf. the ALLIANCE/CORUM range)



These strings are made of the now well-known composite monofilament ALLIANCE KF (some people call them carbon strings) , exclusive to Savarez. Years of research have been necessary to adapt this material to the demands of the musicians and to get an outstanding product for music uses.

The use of KF ALLIANCE material first introduced by Savarez, changed the world of guitar. The strings were first made of gut then made of nylon. The trebles are now made of a high technological material, very different from nylon : different elasticity, higher density, further longevity thanks to the very specific cristallinity grade.

In fact we have been working on the following topics to guarantee the technological and acoustic qualities of this material to make it convenient for music strings :

Tensile strength,

Mastery of the elasticity and elongation,

Control of the geometrical regularity of the diameter for a perfect intonation.

The gauge obtained is absolutely regular without resorting to a mechanical polishing. The string gauge control is done throughout the manufacturing process. The last laser control is done when packaging,

Solving the fraying phenomenon (defibrillation): typically bound to any composite material, due to the breaking of the links between molecules. This phenomenon leads to the appearance of small superficial threads (until the string breaks) under a given tension.

We do actually master these various parameters. Thus we have the sufficient knowledge to adapt the material to the use of harmonic strings for other instruments: violin, harp, lute, etc.

Characteristics - Technology:

The KF ALLIANCE fibre has the same density and elongation properties as gut.

Its density is higher than the polyamide fibres.

The KF ALLIANCE strings are thinner than the nylon ones. They can resist a 35kg tension (harp).

The low internal frictions between the molecules increase the durability of the string beside a sustained sound.

(Mi-E1, Si-B2, Sol-G3) monofilament. The G-3rd string provides a great homogeneous transition between the B-2nd and the D-4th. It ideally balances with the other strings of the set in terms of sound quality. It is no more necessary to use a G wound string to balance the set.

Acoustics properties:

Bright tone and clean sound,

Richness of sound,

Very extensive possibilities,

Incomparable power and projection of the sound,

An even greater sustained sound,

Very clear sound on the high and very high positions.


Silver-plated wound strings are made according to a more traditional design and elaborated technology to offer a fast response, a brighter and more brilliant sound. They are rust protected.

They are stiffer (giving the feeling of a stiff string, not to be confused with elasticity) and allow a powerful playing.

They offer more resistance under the right hand fingers while facilitating the left hand velocity.

Acoustics characteristics:

Reach and brilliant tone,

Great projection,

Percussive sound,

An accurate and quick response,

Sound and power.

Available in 3 tensions.

The ALLIANCE/HT CLASSIC set comes in :

normal or high tension (540R set normal tension and 540J set high tension),

mixed tension normal/high (540ARJ red/blue set), trebles coming in normal tension (red) basses coming in high tension (blue).