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Savarez Creation Cantiga 510MRJ Mixed Tension Guitar strings

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Savarez Creation Cantiga 510MRJ Mixed Tension Classical Guitar Strings

Mixed tension - a new balance of tension between trebles and basses, making the guitar easier to play and vibrate freely.

TREBLES : normal tension / BASSES : high tension

Gauge (in.)

Tension (lbs.)


501CR E/1st 0.029 15.89 New cristal

502CR B/2nd 0.033 12.14 New cristal

543R G/3rd 0.033 12.80 Alliance KF carbon

514J D/4th 0.030 16.78 Silverplated copper wound

515J A/5th 0.036 15.67 Silverplated copper wound

516J E/6th 0.044 15.45 Silverplated copper wound