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Schlagwerk Heck Stick

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Schlagwerk Heck Stick 75

The Schlagwerk Heck Stick 75 is the lo gical and sensible enhancement for the Cajon - an advantage for playing technique. From an emotional point of view, the Cajon world has long been waiting for the Heck Stick. The heck stick consists of special jingle stick on a mounting plate. This stick finally fills the gap between drums and percussion and is ideal for kit drummers who are using cajons for smaller acoustic gigs. The heck stick takes on the role of the cymbals. The jingle stick is made from solid wood and offers a high end jingle that can't be achieved on the cajon alone. The jingles can be adjusted to produce a closed or open sound (similar to a Hi Hat cymbal). The Schlagwerk Heck Stick 75 can be attached to the side of any cajon in a jiffy with the velcro strips. The heck stick measures 45 cm and 50 cm in height and fits all Cajons. The image of the Heck Stick speaks the same language as the design of a Cajon: Reduced to the essentials - no compromises in sound and quality.


  • Perfect for acoustic gigs
  • Special jingle stick with mounting plate
  • Produces a closed or open sound
  • Similar sound to Hi Hat cymbals
  • Fits all Cajons
  • Easy to attach
  • Comes with velcro straps
  • Size: Height 45 cm and 50 cm

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