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Schlagwerk Side Kick

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Schlagwerk Side Kick

The Schlagwerk Side Kick fits neatly onto the mounting plate of the Schlagwerk heck stick 75 proving a neat and compact performance set up. The side kick produces an assertive click effect that is similar to the sounds of castanets or claves. There two ways to play the side kick. Typically, it is attached to the side of the Cajon and is played with the heel of your foot. Another variation is to position the side kick in front of the Cajon in order to play it like a bass drum pedal (BDPedal) with the sole of your foot. We recommend using a drum mat if your are going to opt for this playing option to avoid the side kick from slipping away. The side kick measures 23 cm x 20 cm and 3 cm in depth.


  • Fits neatly onto the Heck Stick 75
  • Click effect
  • Similar sound to castanets or claves
  • Foot operated
  • Can be played with the heel or sole
  • Size: 23 x 3 x 20 cm

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