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Seguiriya 2 Guitar Accompaniment To EL Cante DVD

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Treatise of Accompaniment to Cante Seguiriya 2

David Leiva

The new collection "Flamenco Guitar. Treatise of Accompaniment to El Cante” in DVD format with booklet, reveals the secrets of the great master accompanists of flamenco, offering unique and innovative material in flamenco pedagogy.

Aimed at new guitarists and professionals it offers the opportunity to analyse and interpret falsetas, remates, different accompaniment tricks, different rasgueos and chords depending on the chosen guitarist and his era.

But this is not the greatest surprise, as if this was not enough, this production is outstanding because it also contains the vocals (a cappella, without guitar accompaniment) of the greatest flamenco masters available to us. A luxury for those guitarists who were not contemporaries of the great flamenco singers or those of us who have not had the opportunity to accompany them.

The masters included in this treatise are:

Cantaores (The flamenco singers): Pepe de la Matrona, Juan Talega, Agujetas, Antonio Mairena Rafael Romero, Aurelio Sellés, Camarón, Fosforito, Enrique Morente.

Guitarists: Gutar style... Niño Ricardo , Melchor de Marchena , Diego del Gastor, Sabicas , Manolo Sanlúcar , Paco de Lucía, Enrique de Melchor , Moraíto Chico, Tomatito, David Leiva.

Each style is presented in six different ways:

• Vocals with guitar and percussion: the complete version.

• Vocals with guitar

• Vocals a cappella with flamenco percussion so as to practise the accompaniment.

• Guitar solo with percussion, so as to sing along or listen to the different details in the guitar

• Guitar solo, so as to sing along or listen to the different details in the guitar

• Percussion, so as to sing along and accompaniment

DVD "Seguiriya 2" contents:

· Seguiriya de Dádiz (Aurelio Sellés voice, Enrique del Melchor guitar style)

· Seguiriya de Enrique el Mellizo (Antonio Mairena voice, Sabicas guitar style)

· Seguiriya de Silverio (Enrique Morente voice, Tomatito guitar style)

· Serrana (Fosforito voice, Paco de Lucía guitar style)

· Seguiriya de Cabal Silverio (Rafael Moreno voice, Niño Ricardo guitar style)

· Seguiriya de Jerez (Agujetas voice, Melchor de de Marchena guitar style)

The different videos show the guitarist David Leivainterpreting all of the accompaniment styles, chord diagrams, 12 beat cycle so as to follow where we are at each moment and the musical notation with bar numbers so as to be able to refer to the score.

6 audio options:

- Guitar+percussion+cante

- Guitar+cante

- Guitar+percussion

- Guitar

- Percussion+cante

- Percussion

Also includes Basic Technique at normal and slow speed: arpeggios, alzapua, thumb, strumming, tremolo, scales. 3 audio options: Guitar with percussion, Guitar solo, Percussion .

The booklet includes all of the accompaniment, falsetas and basic techniques in notation, tab and chord diagrams, biographies of all of the maestros included and diagrams for accompanying in different keys.

3 languages: Spanish, Englishc and Japanesse