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Shubb Capo Noir Nylon String Flat C2k

Code: AA0483
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Shubb Noir Capo flat- Classic black chrome (for nylon string guitar) C2k

Capo for Classical guitars and other nylon string guitars with wider neck and flat fretboard.

•Finish: black chrome

•Width: 57,2 mm (2.25'')

•Material: brass

•New jazzy and sleek looking capo finished in black chrome!

Introduced in 1980, the original Shubb Capo is the choice for musicians worldwide. A patented locking action provides an unrivalled combination of power, speed, accuracy and ease of use. One smooth flip of the lever locks it securely in place and removes it just as quickly. With the Shubb capo are no tuning problems. Its soft, resilient rubber doesn't bend the strings over the frets. Its closing action is just like your hand, so it doesn't pull the string off center. As a result, no re-tuning is necessary.

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