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Flamenco Clothing

Flamenco Clothing

As Flamenco specialists it’s probably of no surprise that we have a great variety of Flamenco clothing available for our customers to choose from. We stock genuine Spanish items which you can view here online or by popping into our central London store!

The Flamenco outfit or ‘traje de flamenca’ as it is traditionally known, is one of the most important aspects of a Flamenco performance. Closely tied in with the ‘Baile’, the dance aspect of Flamenco, the outfit is important because it is the centrepiece of the performance and is used by the dancers to accentuate their movements.

Here at El Mundo Flamenco we stock a wonderful range of genuine Flamenco clothing for men, women and children, all hand chosen by us to give you the very best selection available.

Men’s Flamenco Clothing

Amongst our men’s Flamenco clothing range you will find everything you could need for a traditional Flamenco performance. You will find everything here from shirts and waistcoats to trousers and jackets, all in traditional Spanish style.

Women’s Flamenco Clothing

Our largest selection of Flamenco clothing is our selection of women’s clothing including shawls, skirts and tops amongst other items. This is of course due to the prominence of the role a female dancer plays within a traditional Flamenco performance.

Women’s Flamenco Shawls & Mantillas

Lace Mantillas and a selection of beautiful shawls are available here at El Mundo Flamenco. These accessories complete a Flamenco outfit and are often used by the dancer during a performance as an extension of themselves, to accentuate certain moves and stances.

A range of designs of Flamenco shawls are available for you to choose, spanning from plain to more decorative items, each embodying the traditional Flamenco colours of red and black.

Women’s Flamenco Skirts

Our beautifully designed Flamenco skirts feature lots of ruffles and move and flow well as a result. This too is to the dancer’s benefit as this means the skirt will accentuate the movements of the dance. The stunning contrast of black and red give these Flamenco dresses a wonderful traditional look and feel.

Children's Flamenco Clothing

Some of our most popular ranges at El Mundo Flamenco come from our childrenswear. Kids' enthusiasm for dance is unwavering, with clubs up and down the country and a growing number of these young dancers are choosing to take up Flamenco. The children's Flamenco clothing that you find here embodies everything that we love about the adult's outfits.

Contact Us for Flamenco Clothing

Please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions about the Flamenco clothing here at El Mundo Flamenco. Should you wish to take a closer look at the items on offer you can pop into our central London store, located close to Bond Street tube station and Oxford Street.

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