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Visit El Mundo Flamenco's dedicated Andalucian Patio, located at London Guitar Studio, 62 Duke Street, London W1K 6JT
We are open Monday to Saturday 10am till 6pm (Thursdays late closing 7pm) and Sundays 10am till 5pm

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Flamenco Clothing, Flamenco Guitars and Flamenco Accessories

El Mundo Flamenco enjoys the distinction of being the first establishment anywhere in the world dedicated exclusively to the Art of Flamenco in all its varieties; Instruments, Clothing, Accessories etc., all under one roof, surprisingly enough, including Spain itself! Today, after 30 years we are able to offer our clientèle a varied selection of genuine and exclusively Spanish made Flamenco merchandise.

As Flamenco specialists and enthusiasts ourselves, we cater to all ability levels here at El Mundo Flamenco. Parallel to our beginners and economic lines, we are also able to offer the most prominent brands used by the most distinguished flamenco artists in Spain today; "Gallardo" (Joaquin Cortes), "Begona Cervera" (Eva Yerbabuena), "Osuna" (Manuela Carasco) to name but a few.

Unlike most other websites, we keep all of our products in stock. That means if you see a product 'in stock' on our website, it will be dispatched immediately.

Flamenco Clothing

We are proud to stock a great selection of genuine Flamenco clothing by Raphael and Rivas. Amongst our collections you will find garments for men, women and children. Shop from beautifully made genuine Spanish items that are essential to an authentic Flamenco performance.

For women you will find stunning Mantillas and shawls lavished with intricate detail and made from fine materials. Our Spanish Flamenco dresses and skirts are extremely popular with our customers and we have a great selection to choose from, which you can browse both here online and by visiting our offline store. The Flamenco skirts available feature a number of volantes, or layered ruffles, each one adding to the volume of the skirt and accentuating the movements of dance.

For men we have a selection of traditional Flamenco trousers, waistcoats and jackets and for children we have a variety of children's Flamenco clothing including Flamenco skirts.

Flamenco Shoes

As we specialise in all things Flamenco, it's hardly surprising that we have a great selection of Flamenco shoes available. Our Flamenco shoes and boots cover all abilities for both men and women. Within our Ladies Flamenco Shoes category you will find genuine Spanish products from some of the industries best brands including Begoña Cervera shoes and those from Rivas and Osuna amongst others.

Flamenco Accessories

In addition to clothing you can shop here for specialist Flamenco shoes and Flamenco accessories too, including everything you could need, from Flamenco hats and Castanets to Flamenco fans, combs and Spanish style earrings.

Flamenco Guitars

At El Mundo Flamenco we have a wide range of Flamenco Guitars in stock, all from top brands that specialise in Flamenco and Classical guitars such as Camps guitars, Alhambra, Conde Hermanos, Burguet, Picado, Esteve and Juan Salvador to name but a few. You will find that our Flamenco guitar selection features models that cater to musicians of all playing abilities and differing budgets, so there really is something for everyone!

Flamenco Percussion

A crucial but often underestimated element of a Flamenco performance is the distinctive rhythmic percussion that makes up part of the musical element. At El Mundo Flamecno we have a great selection of Cajon to choose from. These beat boxes are for finger tapping and hand slapping which makes up the backbone of a Flamenco rhythm. We stock both Sela Cajon and Schlagwerk Cajon, both of which are principal manufacturers of these fun percussion instruments.

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We know that trying things on and testing guitars can be crucial. That’s why we’re very happy to welcome you to El Mundo Flamenco's Andalucian Patio! Situated in central London close to Selfridges we have created the perfect environment and setting for our beautiful Spanish products to be displayed.

As Miguel Poveda (one of Spain's top Flamenco singers) said when he visited our shop "I have just arrived from Spain and I find myself back in Sevilla!"